MIFT is for anyone and everyone with:

  • An internet-enabled smartphone or other handheld / mobile gadget with either Android or iOS.
  • An email id and e-money in the wallet.
  • A desperation to uncomplicate the monetary transaction.
  • Even a seldom urge to spend (time and) money to shop or pay bills online (instantly) and gift e-vouchers.
  • A strong disliking of queues and waiting.
  • Love and appreciation for deals, e-coupons and e-gift-vouchers while shopping online.

Technology-hesitant cavemen who don’t know what Internet is those who have never heard of the noun- Google that went on to become a verb- google with a weirdly-conceived thought that Facebook is some sort of book, not worth reading people who consider smartphone as liability and thus are happy with the voice-only handsets

If you are anything mentioned as exceptions, sorry you can never be a MIFTian. Else, we would shout in joy- “Hey buddy! Congratulation, you have everything you need to simplify your money matters and thus life in general. Cheers!”

We are waiting to see you onboard. Download the app!